JH Custom Homes | Orange County’s Bathroom Remodeling Company Trends

According to a survey of 1,000 highly rated remodeling professionals preformed by Angie’s List, American homeowners have a surprisingly high number of remodeling projects planned for 2015. Further analysis reveals that bathroom remodeling will be the most popularly remodeled room this year as well.   Modern vs. Retro: Why not both? At JH Custom Homes, […]

Inspiration for Home Remodeling in Orange County

While having your home remodeled is very exciting, it can also bring to light some interesting challenges. Making sure that you have a concrete plan in place before actually starting the remodeling process is the best way to make sure that your home’s interior looks better, not worse afterwards. And while doing research online at […]

JH Custom Homes| Professional Home Remodeling Contractor in Orange County

Have you been searching high and low for a professional home remodeling contractor in Orange County? Though a lot of our clients are referred to us, the majority of our clients are return customers! Professionally remodeling your home starts simply with your vision.  Let our professional service representative meet with you to talk about the […]

Orange County’s Best Contractor for Home Remodeling

Are you currently looking for a professional contracting company to remodel rooms in your home? Clients tend to find us through referrals, and just as often, through repeat business because we’ve come to provide them with full-service designing and planning partner. It all starts with your vision. We’ll meet with you to learn exactly what […]

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Orange County

A well designed and remodeled master bathroom can provide years of comfort and happiness. However, if you’ve hired a contractor that’s doing an amateur job, you’ll be reminded of that fact every, single, day. Bathroom remodeling jobs are generally considered one of the trickiest remodeling jobs out there as there are a lot of moving […]

JH Custom Homes Inc. | Orange County’s best Kitchen Remodeling Company

JH Custom Homes Inc. serves as the Orange County area’s most professional and trusted kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. Our clients rave that our services are personalized and produce beautiful results. With an entire lifetime of experience in the construction and contracting industry, JH Custom homes is privy to the industry’s most advanced technological resources, […]

Hire a Licensed Contractor for Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County

Bathroom remodeling needs more than just simple fixing of disconnected pipes in the bathrooms. You could be looking at it as a simple task but truth be told you need to Hire a Licensed Contractor for Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County. From plumbing, electrical fixes to installing of wall and floor tiles, bathroom remodeling proves […]

Professionals Are Waiting To Perform Bathroom remodeling in OC

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great challenge, thus, incorrect contractor may harm your bathroom along with other associated rooms. Having a perfect professional contractor, will let you know right ideas that can help anybody in seeing a clear picture of a future bathroom along with the price which you can afford. Bathroom remodeling in […]