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According to a survey of 1,000 highly rated remodeling professionals preformed by Angie’s List, American homeowners have a surprisingly high number of remodeling projects planned for 2015. Further analysis reveals that bathroom remodeling will be the most popularly remodeled room this year as well.


Modern vs. Retro: Why not both?

At JH Custom Homes, Orange County’s Bathroom Remodeling Company, we’ve noticed an upward trend in our most recent bathroom remodeling projects. While bathroom remodeling in general has just recently gained popularity, we’ve also noticed an upward trend in mixing both modern and retro themes in one. For example, at one of our most recent Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company job, we recently installed a beautifully vintage inspired freestanding bathtub in otherwise modern surroundings, and the result was perfection. The bathtub offset the tile and other fixtures in a playful yet cohesive manner.


Is it Still a Bathroom without a Bath?

However, consumers in general have been breaking up with their bathtubs altogether. In fact, we’ve noticed that less and less of our clients feel that their bathroom needs a bath at all.  Instead, we’ve noticed that many of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company jobs call for large walk-in showers with large rain head faucets and handheld sprayers.

While many Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company Contractors may urge their clients to install bathtubs in order to maintain their homes resale value, if you plan to stay in place, your comfort and accessibility trump resale values.

On the other hand, those clients of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company who do choose to have a bathtub installed tend to opt for modern freestanding or vintage claw foot styled tubs. While tile is a must for both showers and floors.



Tile on Tile

The past five years have shown an increased consumer interested in 12”X 24” tile.

No matter the color, staggering these tiles along the walls and floor of a bathroom creates a cohesive flow throughout the room’s entirety, creating a palette that’s easily accessorized.

Another reason that many of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company client’s tell us that they’d like to have tile installed in their bathrooms is for radiant floor heating. And finally, while many of our clients say that they still like the look of wood, they’d rather opt out due to its maintenance requirements.


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Professional Bathroom Remodeling Orange County

A well designed and remodeled master bathroom can provide years of comfort and happiness. However, if you’ve hired a contractor that’s doing an amateur job, you’ll be reminded of that fact every, single, day. Bathroom remodeling jobs are generally considered one of the trickiest remodeling jobs out there as there are a lot of moving parts that involve both water and electricity, did we mention that those tend to be crammed into pretty small spaces? By setting a budget right from the start and planning ahead as much as possible you’ll have much more control over the projects progress and will more easily be able to keep it moving and on track. We’ve put together the following collections of the good…. and the bad ideas that we’ve experienced firsthand to help you make sure that you’re adequately prepared to have your bathroom remodeled.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Orange County | JH Custom Homes

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to invest in remodeling your home’s bathroom, you’re going to want results that are aesthetically pleasing. While that’s all well and fine, we’ve noticed time and time again that a lot of our clients tend to get overly caught up with planning their bathrooms physical appearance. Making sure to back up and look at the entire picture can give you the opportunity to think about things like what your monthly water bill will be like after you install that beautiful $800 free flowing bathtub spout. Below we’ve gathered some pretty specific things step back and think through before making decisions that may end up costing you.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Company Practices

Make sure to keep in mind that throughout the remodeling process, things aren’t always going to go as prepared. Taking the time to budget for unexpected issues like hidden water damage can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. What could possibly go wrong with the professional services provided by JH Custom Homes you say? A perfect example of this scenario occurred at one of our construction sites just last week. One of our clients had planned on completely removing one of the walls in her bathroom, however upon removing the face of the wall, we discovered a vent stack. That wall wasn’t going anywhere. Though this may not seem like an issue at glance, a simple vent stack had seriously interfered with this clients initial plans.

Our experienced contractors do as much exploratory work as early in the project as possible to avoid snafus like these, but in the case of this particular vent stack we would have needed x-ray vision.

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Hire a Licensed Contractor for Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County

Bathroom remodeling needs more than just simple fixing of disconnected pipes in the bathrooms. You could be looking at it as a simple task but truth be told you need to Hire a Licensed Contractor for Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County.

From plumbing, electrical fixes to installing of wall and floor tiles, bathroom remodeling proves to be one of the complicated aspects of bathroom remodeling. A professional licensed plumber has the expertise of keeping the drainage system in a proper state. He is qualified to perform any drainage related problems, dealing with disconnected pipes, replacing broken pipes. You need to be a qualified plumber in order to complete any of those jobs, any mistake to a job with plumbing could end up costing you more if you do not know what you are doing. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional licensed plumber to insure that all the water flows in and out in the proper way.

Another problem that can arise from Bathroom Remodeling is electrical issues. Hiring a Professional Licensed Electrician would be the safe bet for any changes to electrical equipment. Any electrical changes to wiring can be lethal. If not done properly you can be putting your families well-being in jeopardy. All wiring should be done but a licensed professional to avoid any future fires, than can arise from improper installation. The best option is to hire a professional licensed contractor who will be doing inspection on the wiring of the house and make sure that all open electrical wires are masked.

Replacing wall tiles and floor tiles should also be done by a professional licensed contractor. Contractors have special tools that will make the replaced tiles aligned properly on the floor and the wall. If you do it on your own and do it wrong, you will most likely end up replacing the tile in a short period of time. There are some reported cases where people attempted to replace their own tile, they thought it would be easy and save money. In the end they weren’t happy with the end result, and they ended up paying more than they would have if they just hired a Professional Licensed Contractor.

A professional touch always keeps something in order. There are so many reasons why you will have to consider the work of a professional licensed contractor to handle your bathroom remodeling needs. In the end you will be happier with the end result, they are professional licensed contractor for a reason. In addition, you will have peace of mind that you go the job done by a professional that would go through the permit approval process, and the safety of your family members would not be compromised. You will be avoiding the subsequent charges that you may have incurred from the poor wiring, such as fires.

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