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According to a survey of 1,000 highly rated remodeling professionals preformed by Angie’s List, American homeowners have a surprisingly high number of remodeling projects planned for 2015. Further analysis reveals that bathroom remodeling will be the most popularly remodeled room this year as well.


Modern vs. Retro: Why not both?

At JH Custom Homes, Orange County’s Bathroom Remodeling Company, we’ve noticed an upward trend in our most recent bathroom remodeling projects. While bathroom remodeling in general has just recently gained popularity, we’ve also noticed an upward trend in mixing both modern and retro themes in one. For example, at one of our most recent Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company job, we recently installed a beautifully vintage inspired freestanding bathtub in otherwise modern surroundings, and the result was perfection. The bathtub offset the tile and other fixtures in a playful yet cohesive manner.


Is it Still a Bathroom without a Bath?

However, consumers in general have been breaking up with their bathtubs altogether. In fact, we’ve noticed that less and less of our clients feel that their bathroom needs a bath at all.  Instead, we’ve noticed that many of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company jobs call for large walk-in showers with large rain head faucets and handheld sprayers.

While many Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company Contractors may urge their clients to install bathtubs in order to maintain their homes resale value, if you plan to stay in place, your comfort and accessibility trump resale values.

On the other hand, those clients of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company who do choose to have a bathtub installed tend to opt for modern freestanding or vintage claw foot styled tubs. While tile is a must for both showers and floors.



Tile on Tile

The past five years have shown an increased consumer interested in 12”X 24” tile.

No matter the color, staggering these tiles along the walls and floor of a bathroom creates a cohesive flow throughout the room’s entirety, creating a palette that’s easily accessorized.

Another reason that many of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company client’s tell us that they’d like to have tile installed in their bathrooms is for radiant floor heating. And finally, while many of our clients say that they still like the look of wood, they’d rather opt out due to its maintenance requirements.


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Inspiration for Home Remodeling in Orange County

While having your home remodeled is very exciting, it can also bring to light some interesting challenges. Making sure that you have a concrete plan in place before actually starting the remodeling process is the best way to make sure that your home’s interior looks better, not worse afterwards. And while doing research online at websites like interest can provide additional inspiration, sometimes all of the extra options end up leaving clients without direction. So, in order to save you a ton of time, our Orange County Home Remodeling Company is here to offer some great inspirational ideas for your home remolding project.

Home Remodeling in Orange County: Choosing a Theme

We’ve found that it’s important to secure a theme that you find appealing and that fits the existing style of your home. While there are a number of bright and fashion forward themes out there, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time in these rooms, so its best not to make them overwhelming. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a more modern theme or something retro, the most important factor is that it’s practical. Our Orange County Home Remodeling Company can offer additional them advice upon appointment.

Lots of our clients come to us because they desire a larger and more up to date kitchen. In this cause, clients are usually in the market for a number of modern kitchen appliances to follow their updated kitchen in suit. However, it’s usually of value to take a look at the yellow tags that are generally tied on to new appliances for sale. They list the average operating costs per year and can be used to cross reference with the amount of power that your old appliances use. Balancing these two variables are a great way to offset the price of your overall remodeling job, increasing the amount in which you’re able to spend on that shiny new dishwasher.

Balancing Benefits of Eco-Friendly Appliances

Generally, a lot of the same guidelines apply for bathroom remodeling jobs as well. Though bathrooms generally require less expensive appliances, updating your family’s bathroom can make a serious impact on your homes overall market value. Making sure that your homes bathroom is outfitted with the most up to date and technologically advanced bathroom appliances can also help you save a lot of money on your utility bills. However, keep in mind that a lot of people tend to dislike the somewhat lessened water pressure provided by water efficient appliances. All in all, the most important aspect of remodeling your homes bathroom is making sure that you can justify the price. Is this particular appliance benefiting you personally, and more importantly, will it significantly increase the value of your home for resale purposes?

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Making your Beach House Stand Out

There are many thing to consider when building a home near a beach.  You want to make sure your home is built to endure the weather, but also to have a relaxing feel to it.  The point of having a beach house is to enjoy it, but with having house near the beach other risk arise that can affect the condition of the structure.

Making your beach house stand out will not be an easy task, you have to take into consideration what the weather can do to your furniture.  There are many risk to take in to consideration. You are required to go the extra mile to know where your home is being constructed, to ensure that whatever design that is being used to build the home is adequate for the location and weather. We highly suggest you do your research before building a home at the beach or find a contractor that is familiar with that type of build so they can guide you through what is actually needed for a home near the beach.

Now that you have done the research for your home here comes the fun part making your beach house stand out.  You will have to decorate it according to the use you are going take out of it. If it is a hideout from your normal activities at work, do not put too much time in its decoration. If it is a place for your family relaxation over the holiday, you will need to furnish the kitchen, making sure that your loved ones enjoy a happy meal with you with a cool breeze from the ocean.

Relaxing at the beach with your family means swimming, shell collection, fishing, lounging, skiing and many other various activities one can enjoy on a beach front home. Forget about the expensive fabrics for your beach house, look for tables and chairs that will bring you a relaxing mood. Buy some couches that are of good quality that will be used to rest your body during the hot air in the afternoon while enjoying the ocean breeze.

Of course you will be expecting guests at your beach house. This could be your close colleagues at work or your close family members. They will be visiting you frequently, having a great view of the ocean, getting dirty with the beach sand, enjoying a little chat with you over coffee and doing some water surfing.  Here, elegance of the home should not be stressed too much. Mingling with your guests is a key issue.  Make sure that you have lightweight chairs that can be pulled around the table for a little conversation.

Beach house decoration should be made with the ultimate goal of relaxation and entertainment. Make sure that whatever plans you have in mind will lead to a nice relaxation mood free from stress at work. This is your hideout.

Professionals Are Waiting To Perform Bathroom remodeling in OC

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great challenge, thus, incorrect contractor may harm your bathroom along with other associated rooms. Having a perfect professional contractor, will let you know right ideas that can help anybody in seeing a clear picture of a future bathroom along with the price which you can afford.

Bathroom remodeling in OC made possible, just because of so-professional contractors that are sought-after for their innovative designs and cost-effective solutions. You can invite them to your home, and after analyzing your bathroom, your dream bathroom requirements, bathroom accessories which you would install, design and other associated matters, they instantly provide you the estimated quote. However, later on you can compare them and go with the best one.

Professionals Are Waiting To Perform Bathroom remodeling in OC

Why Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling of a bathroom provides galore of benefits to the people. The prime benefit it provides is- it completely revamp your bathroom by placing great accessories and facilities and convert the old design into a well-designed area. Additionally, by renovating the same, one can get a complete new structure which will be very beautiful, durable and pleasurable to all, while using it.

Everyone knows about the role of playing by the bathroom and why we call it the most important room for both- commercial and residential. It plays a major role, especially at the time of selling up a property to another party. Thus, only renovation can help people in installing any type of accessories, décor it with the latest stuff and make it spacious in order to get a classy and beautiful room.

However the idea to go with the professional is logical, as they don’t only aid you to have better services, but help you in conversion your dull bathroom into a ravishing one. While hiring the best, you don‘t even need to worry about anything as they are well-trained to fulfill all your needs.

How To Go With The Best Design?

Well, experts will let you know everything what is new in the market and what you should opt and from where. But, if you still want your own imaginations, you can go ahead with the same. For this, you can visit to your relatives and friends and consult with them as well as if you visit to any hotel and other places you can also analyze the same. More importantly, the best idea is- just surf the net and check out great designs exist online which will provide you great ideas to select an ideal design for your bathroom.

Why Only Professionals?

Just because they are the one who can do every possible thing which you demanded to have. In addition, they use only quality materials for remodeling a room as well as provide you the best reference from where you can get world’s best accessories with quality and durability guaranteed at lower prices. With the combined efforts, finally an owner’s dream comes alive in the life.

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Utilize Spare Property Perfectly For Building Room Addition

Once in a time, in our entire life, we definitely would like to have some changes in our house in order to put forward more appealing look along with the recent trend. Isn’t? Thus, in that case, only home contractors help a lot in shaping the room or house, whatever you would like to have whether you want customization of your choice, or contractor or would like to have imitate copy of other’s interior or exterior, everything is possible to have.

Apart house modifications, Ideas for room additions for your home is brilliant and with it you’ll be able to enhance the overall area which you didn’t consider earlier, but now would like to use the same for developing additional room for study, guest, playing, storage and or other various purposes. Why this is the best thing, just because, those who don’t want to remodel the current home and would like to utilize the extra space in their home is the best idea. As well as, this is best too, as it will be done within a budget and you’ll get an extra room to utilize.

Utilize Spare Property Perfectly For Building Room Addition

How To Proceed With Room Addition?

Once you decided to go with room addition services, you need to hunt out trusted and professional building contractors who will assist you in a better way and provide the latest, unique and preferable room addition options, which suit to your house and you. Well, no doubt, you may get various designs and development options which you can opt after considering your home architecture along with the exact requirements.

Room additions can be for numerous purposes, lets have a look some most common room additions are as follows:Guest Room/ General Room Addition- In this, don’t forget to make a cupboard in order to keep luggage and other things safely and in an organized way.

  • Kitchen Room Addition- Make sure proper ventilation, drainage, and other facilities should be there to utilize the room perfectly.
  • Bathroom Addition- According to your requirements and choice, one can design the bathroom.
  • Storage Addition- In this, make sure to construct as many as cabinets or shelves in order to store the numerous accessories altogether.

Alike, there are many options, one can use to utilize the spare space in a genuine manner. Next very important thing is, if you are using room addition for living or utilizing purposes, except storage, must ensure to install a great lightning facility as well as décor the room with the combo of vibrant colors and other impressive accessories. This will provide you great satisfaction and you’ll be glad to have the most appealing and noticeable room you have dreamt of.

Talking about remodelling, just connect with the best contractor which can mould any of the desired rooms as per your suggestions by intacting the same with the expert comments and ideas.


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Orange County Affordable Contractors For Extraordinary Ambiance

In this hi-tech world, who doesn’t want to have the best home where one can get complete peace and great ambiance to relax and have pleasurable moments with the family? Definitely, all want the same and that is why in the market, need of architectural design and room remodeling services very popular in demand.

We all may have a home or rooms are of traditional/ old designs, which we now would like to revamp as per the latest trend. In that case, only remodeling contractors are the best to go just because they know their duty well and very reliable to hand over your home to revamp. Without hurting you and your property they are capable of providing you the complete look which you are looking for so long.

Talking about Orange County, here one can easily get Orange county affordable contractors, which provide assurance of quality, professional work along with the guarantee of providing the same look and feel you wanted to have.    

The interesting fact of hiring professional remodeling and modeling contractors is you’ll never regret later on whether in terms with pricing and work done by them. Thus, that is why it is always advised people to hire the professionals as others may destroy your property and unable to provide you the best design which you directed them to do.

Orange County Affordable Contractors For Extraordinary Ambiance

How To Hire Contractors?

Before hiring professionals, must list out the important questions you need to ask from them for analyzing them properly as well as by getting the right information based on the same you can take up sharp-witted steps. Comparison of services, prices, time duration, and other information you have accumulated is very necessary to pick up the best for your valuable house. For having the best, even you can call upon to wide range of known persons in order to get the references of the best company where we can generate good faith and confidence. As well as, in order to judge the capability of the contractors which you are about to hire, you can ask them to see their past and current working by visiting the site, so that you can know how they handle the property of others while working on the same along with other various things.

Ask About Experience And Creativity

Additionally, you may spend some time asking about complete credentials in which they are dealing. From their qualifications to their innovative skills everything you need to note down and compare, if they fit for the work you decided or not? Don’t forget to check their certificates, training, work permit, safety qualifications and everything else for complete satisfaction.

Services They Offered

Home contractors OC, handle each and every service related to your home. Whether you want several rooms modification, Bathroom remodeling,complete room addition, interior and exterior remodeling services, and many others. Just consult with the pro and have unlimited options for utilizing property in a better way.

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Add an attractive Room Addition

Our house should be our most relaxing place in this world. Many people work long hours and are tired by the time they come home.

Attractive Room Additions Orange County

All we want to do is sit down and relax. Therefore, making our homes comfortable should be near the top of the list. The bedroom is the place where we spend the most time so it is important that we make our room a perfect and attractive place which will allow us to relax. The management and styling of the room should inspire you and should help you relax. It should be spacey (if possible) and beautiful. It’s amazing what small changes such as different color walls can make. Even the slightest change in tone can induce an array of emotions from hunger, happiness, sadness, anger, etc.

orange county room remodeling

You can find many ideas for Room Additions online. One of my favorite places to look is Pinterest. You may want to take pieces from each idea, but this might not turn out so well in practice. Sometimes, things just don’t blend the way we imagine them.  Sometimes it’s best to find an interior designer. They should be able to take all of the things you like and make them fit together.

In any case, every room follows a specific theme, so everything you choose should fit with it. If there are too many windows in your room, there would be plenty of light everywhere – so choosing tables, sofas and other modern looking assistive additions that will make your room more useful and more attractive.

You can decorate your room wall with seasonal items or all paintings and pictures. This will give your room a bold as well as unique look. You can also consider hanging some oil paintings because good oil paintings of your family or any famous painting would be much more appropriate and suitable for this purpose and it will add some charm to your room.

For the racks and wardrobes, you should consider adding built in LED lightning. LED lasts longer than normal bulbs and uses a fraction of the power. Some people prefer the look of LED over traditional bulbs.

Plants are an easy want to make your room more attractive. You should choose one that’s easy to care for. Having a dead or “sad looking” plant is worse than having no plant – if you ask me. Plants just seem to do something to help you relax, making your room a more pleasant place.

Author bio: Ellena is a house wife and a mother of 2 beautiful kids. She is thankful for Home Remodeling Orange County services which helped her in renovating her home completely. She also managed to get Room Additions Orange County services which was a perfect fit for her needs.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home and that is why it should be renovated carefully. While doing the renovation of your home kitchen, the looks and impressive design renovation is not the only thing that you would need to take care of. You also need to make sure that the kitchen is a clean and convenient place with proper ventilation.

For most pleasant and convenient kitchen renovation or remodeling, it is important for you to first understand all the kitchen requirements so that you can do the remodeling of your kitchen efficiently. So, for this purpose, I am sharing some ideas that will help you to do the kitchen remodeling efficiently, and hopefully saving you some time.

orange county kitchen remodeling

First of all, the kitchen renovation should not make your kitchen more congested. You should always give higher importance to the management and ventilation requirements of the kitchen. When you do the remodeling of your kitchen, make sure that you enhance these things, not the other way around. Follow present trends that are most suitable for your home design and choose an exterior that compliments your kitchen requirements.

Upgrade all of your kitchen appliances. Upgrading old appliances will enhance efficiency, usefulness and management. Also, the upgrading will also save electricity because good energy star rating appliances consume less electricity. Make sure you choose the hardware that will give better look and stay strong and as it is for a longer period of time. Make sure you don’t cheap out on the hardware. Good hardware will cost a little more, but it will look better and last longer. This is your home, and you want it to last. Broken knobs and doors can be a real pain, because you may not be able to find the exact one years down the line. In the case of knobs, you’d have to replace all of them in order to match. You would save money by buying a higher quality product in the first place.

The tiles of your kitchen should be selected to compliment the exterior and interior. White color tiles are highly preferred for kitchen because they look great and you can identify the dirt and clean them easily. Enhance the convenience and safety of your kitchen by considering small things like rounded corner edges. Design-wise, it gets rid of sharp corners, and helps to keep liquids from spilling off the counter.

Make racks, shelves and cupboards in your kitchen to keep the kitchen stuff managed and safe. Also, you can apply the stickers on your kitchen jars so that you can read the stickers and find things quickly. A great table is also important, though often considered last. This is probably because the table a lot easier to replace than stationary things like cabinets. But, a great table should compliment the kitchen by being beautiful, strong, and easy to clean!

Author bio: James is thankful for Kitchen Remodels Orange County services which helped him in renovating his home completely as per his requirement. He also got the best Room Additions Orange County with them and the services are just awesome.

Unique Home Remodeling Ideas

Home remodeling is one of the most challenging tasks and it requires lots of time and imagination. When you rearrange the objects of your home in new direction, it needs new ideas so that your home can look better than before – not worse. You can consider trying some new home renovating or remodeling ideas. Doing a little research about it on the internet will help you get new and adorable ideas. This will give you a little bit of an idea for the direction of the remodel, and will probably give you quite a few hints on home to make your home look beautiful and unique.

Researching on the internet can take quite a bit of time, so we are sharing some brilliant home renovation and remodeling ideas. Hopefully they give you some ideas on how to beautify your home.


First off, you want to choose a theme that would be suitable for your home. There are so many ideas and themes that you can choose, but it’s important that you keep it practical. You might prefer something modern, or maybe even something retro. Many prefer modern, because of the advanced technology and features.

For the kitchen, you may want to get newer, larger appliances added in. Sometimes you’ll need to extend out the kitchen dividing wall to accommodate this. Be sure to think about the extra costs of doing this, as it may be more than you’re willing to pay.

It is commonplace to go with a modern design as newer technology is always better. Most new appliances are cleaner and more efficient than their older counterparts. Be sure to take a look at the yellow tags that are usually provided with new appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. They’ll list the average operating costs per year. Compare these with how power hungry your current devices are. This will help to offset the price of the remodel, and may help you to justify the purchase.

A lot of the same concepts apply for bathrooms. Though not as technologically advanced as kitchens, they do have benefits to having newer facilities installed. The main benefit is water usage. Many utilities are a lot more conscious when it comes to usage, and that’s good as it will save you on your bills. Resale value will also jump up as it always does with new appliances. With bathrooms, some people are able to mix a balance of retro with new technology, which gives it a good balance of charm and function. Please be mindful that some water saving toilets and showers may considered “weak”, and may not provide the pressure that you’re used to. In the end, you want to make sure you can justify the price. Is it benefiting you personally? Will it be worth the possible increase in resale value?

One area that people often neglect is the outer appearance of the house! It’s very important that your house is attractive from the outside. Some people will get hung up on the comfort factor, and the fact that they see the inside of their house more than the outside. The first thing you see when looking at a house is the outer appearance. You want to be proud of your house, and you want others to appreciate it. This will be crucial for reselling a house later.

While on the subject of the outer appearance, make sure you also consider the garden, lawn, or whatever you’ve got going on out there. You want the house to look like it’s been kept up, not beat down and neglected. If upkeep simply isnt enough, you should see what you can do to compliment the overall styling of the house. A nice, green lawn speaks volumes. Added a few rosebushes can be a nice touch.

Author bio: Jennet is a passionate blogger who writes about home improvement and remodeling ideas. She recommends Home Remodeling Orange County services in case if you are looking for quality remodeling services for your home. The best part is that they also provide reliable Kitchen Remodels Orange County too.