Bathroom Remodeling in
Newport Beach, Orange County


JH Custom Homes Inc. offers quality solutions to redefine and remodel your bathroom space.

Think of it as not just an addition or remodel to your bathroom, but as an expansion of your comfort and security. Don’t just think remodel, rather “reinvent,” for more style, more comfort and more value. JH Custom Homes is a premiere designer and builder of comfort, style and security when it comes to bathroom remodeling for families in Newport Beach (Southern California)…and beyond.

Our professional bathroom remodeling service starts with your ideas, framed and sculpted into perfect and practical bathroom remodels, and the architectural design and construction of custom bathrooms by master craftsmen. The services performed by JH Custom Homes are by a skilled and experienced staff and all subcontractors are licensed and insured.

You’re insured the very finest work when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. The focus here is attention to detail, timely completion and affordable pricing. The goal is total satisfaction for homeowners in Newport Beach, whose visions of the perfect bathroom to enjoy have been accomplished.

Think of your vision for a newly remodeled bathroom of your existing home, as completed and perfect. Think of JH Custom Homes. Then, let’s start working together on your dream.