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A well designed and remodeled master bathroom can provide years of comfort and happiness. However, if you’ve hired a contractor that’s doing an amateur job, you’ll be reminded of that fact every, single, day. Bathroom remodeling jobs are generally considered one of the trickiest remodeling jobs out there as there are a lot of moving parts that involve both water and electricity, did we mention that those tend to be crammed into pretty small spaces? By setting a budget right from the start and planning ahead as much as possible you’ll have much more control over the projects progress and will more easily be able to keep it moving and on track. We’ve put together the following collections of the good…. and the bad ideas that we’ve experienced firsthand to help you make sure that you’re adequately prepared to have your bathroom remodeled.

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Once you’ve decided that you’re going to invest in remodeling your home’s bathroom, you’re going to want results that are aesthetically pleasing. While that’s all well and fine, we’ve noticed time and time again that a lot of our clients tend to get overly caught up with planning their bathrooms physical appearance. Making sure to back up and look at the entire picture can give you the opportunity to think about things like what your monthly water bill will be like after you install that beautiful $800 free flowing bathtub spout. Below we’ve gathered some pretty specific things step back and think through before making decisions that may end up costing you.

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Make sure to keep in mind that throughout the remodeling process, things aren’t always going to go as prepared. Taking the time to budget for unexpected issues like hidden water damage can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. What could possibly go wrong with the professional services provided by JH Custom Homes you say? A perfect example of this scenario occurred at one of our construction sites just last week. One of our clients had planned on completely removing one of the walls in her bathroom, however upon removing the face of the wall, we discovered a vent stack. That wall wasn’t going anywhere. Though this may not seem like an issue at glance, a simple vent stack had seriously interfered with this clients initial plans.

Our experienced contractors do as much exploratory work as early in the project as possible to avoid snafus like these, but in the case of this particular vent stack we would have needed x-ray vision.

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