Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in OC

This is for those real estate agents, and home owners around Orange County.  While preparing a home for sale it is in your best interest to fix, or remodel any damaged part of the property.  For the home owners that are planning on staying with the property we have affordable bathroom remodeling options.

Bathroom are frequently used by family members, and guest so it is always great to keep it in the best shape possible.  Bathroom Remodeling  can make your home’s value increase.

Here are some tips for bathroom remodeling:

  1. Lighting – Room lighting should always be good not only for the bathrooms but for other rooms too. For bathrooms, it is recommended that you replace the overhead lamps with the wall lights to increase the value of your bathroom. You can use the overhead bulbs but make sure that the light bulbs are moisture resistant.
  2. Color – This aspect should be considered for those who are remodeling their homes for sale. Make use of the 60-30-10 coloring technique whereby 60% of your bathroom should be the dominant color which should be the same as the whole house coloring, 30% should be the secondary color that will be matching with the dominant color while 10% should be an accent color that is different from both the dominant color and the secondary color applied.
  3. Faucets – While remodeling your bathroom faucets are the best place to start with. For a quality vintage look we recommend that you go with Victorian Faucets.
  4. Wall tiles – We recommend that you replace any 4 by 4 tile with the 8 by 13 ceramic tile for your bathroom wall.  Ceramic tile protects against potential water damage.  As for color we recommend that you coordinate with your wall color.
  5. Toilets – When replacing your toilet make sure to choose a style that fits with rest of the bathroom, you might want to hire a contractor for this type of job.
  6. Floor tiles – Replace all of your floor tile with 12 by 12 inch tiles. Arranging your tiles diagonally gives your bathroom the illusion that it has a wider space.

Bathroom Remodeling should be done by a licensed contractor.  Always coordinate any remodeling with current structure of the home.