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According to a survey of 1,000 highly rated remodeling professionals preformed by Angie’s List, American homeowners have a surprisingly high number of remodeling projects planned for 2015. Further analysis reveals that bathroom remodeling will be the most popularly remodeled room this year as well.


Modern vs. Retro: Why not both?

At JH Custom Homes, Orange County’s Bathroom Remodeling Company, we’ve noticed an upward trend in our most recent bathroom remodeling projects. While bathroom remodeling in general has just recently gained popularity, we’ve also noticed an upward trend in mixing both modern and retro themes in one. For example, at one of our most recent Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company job, we recently installed a beautifully vintage inspired freestanding bathtub in otherwise modern surroundings, and the result was perfection. The bathtub offset the tile and other fixtures in a playful yet cohesive manner.


Is it Still a Bathroom without a Bath?

However, consumers in general have been breaking up with their bathtubs altogether. In fact, we’ve noticed that less and less of our clients feel that their bathroom needs a bath at all.  Instead, we’ve noticed that many of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company jobs call for large walk-in showers with large rain head faucets and handheld sprayers.

While many Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company Contractors may urge their clients to install bathtubs in order to maintain their homes resale value, if you plan to stay in place, your comfort and accessibility trump resale values.

On the other hand, those clients of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company who do choose to have a bathtub installed tend to opt for modern freestanding or vintage claw foot styled tubs. While tile is a must for both showers and floors.



Tile on Tile

The past five years have shown an increased consumer interested in 12”X 24” tile.

No matter the color, staggering these tiles along the walls and floor of a bathroom creates a cohesive flow throughout the room’s entirety, creating a palette that’s easily accessorized.

Another reason that many of our Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Company client’s tell us that they’d like to have tile installed in their bathrooms is for radiant floor heating. And finally, while many of our clients say that they still like the look of wood, they’d rather opt out due to its maintenance requirements.


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Inspiration for Home Remodeling in Orange County

While having your home remodeled is very exciting, it can also bring to light some interesting challenges. Making sure that you have a concrete plan in place before actually starting the remodeling process is the best way to make sure that your home’s interior looks better, not worse afterwards. And while doing research online at websites like interest can provide additional inspiration, sometimes all of the extra options end up leaving clients without direction. So, in order to save you a ton of time, our Orange County Home Remodeling Company is here to offer some great inspirational ideas for your home remolding project.

Home Remodeling in Orange County: Choosing a Theme

We’ve found that it’s important to secure a theme that you find appealing and that fits the existing style of your home. While there are a number of bright and fashion forward themes out there, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time in these rooms, so its best not to make them overwhelming. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a more modern theme or something retro, the most important factor is that it’s practical. Our Orange County Home Remodeling Company can offer additional them advice upon appointment.

Lots of our clients come to us because they desire a larger and more up to date kitchen. In this cause, clients are usually in the market for a number of modern kitchen appliances to follow their updated kitchen in suit. However, it’s usually of value to take a look at the yellow tags that are generally tied on to new appliances for sale. They list the average operating costs per year and can be used to cross reference with the amount of power that your old appliances use. Balancing these two variables are a great way to offset the price of your overall remodeling job, increasing the amount in which you’re able to spend on that shiny new dishwasher.

Balancing Benefits of Eco-Friendly Appliances

Generally, a lot of the same guidelines apply for bathroom remodeling jobs as well. Though bathrooms generally require less expensive appliances, updating your family’s bathroom can make a serious impact on your homes overall market value. Making sure that your homes bathroom is outfitted with the most up to date and technologically advanced bathroom appliances can also help you save a lot of money on your utility bills. However, keep in mind that a lot of people tend to dislike the somewhat lessened water pressure provided by water efficient appliances. All in all, the most important aspect of remodeling your homes bathroom is making sure that you can justify the price. Is this particular appliance benefiting you personally, and more importantly, will it significantly increase the value of your home for resale purposes?

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JH Custom Homes| Professional Home Remodeling Contractor in Orange County

Have you been searching high and low for a professional home remodeling contractor in Orange County? Though a lot of our clients are referred to us, the majority of our clients are return customers! Professionally remodeling your home starts simply with your vision.  Let our professional service representative meet with you to talk about the goals that you have in mind while remodeling your home are so that we can make sure to meet each and every one of them. At JH Custom Homes, our professional home remodeling contractor in Orange County will take all of the things that you love the most and integrate directly into your living space.

What to Expect with JH Custom Homes Professional Orange County Contractors

Most people come to JH Custom Homes because they know that we’re a professional home remodeling contractor in Orange County that they can trust. Let our years of experience go to work with you in order to fit you and your family’s lifestyles and living needs. By installing an extra guest bathroom, updating their kitchen or increasing the square footage of their family room, our Orange County Professional Home Remodeling Contractor can make their day to day living more practical and therefore, more enjoyable. But first, it’s absolutely a necessity to make sure that you’ve prepared an investment remodeling plan. A must have for home owners and house flippers alike, making sure that you’ve made a financial plan before hiring a professional home remolding contractor in Orange County can save you a lot of headache. At JH Custom Homes, Orange County’s Professional Home Remodeling Contractors will use our decades of experience to help you choose the remodeling applications that will fit your budget while adding to your property value as well.

Home Maintenance with Orange County’s Top Contracting Company

While there are plenty of reasons to keep your home in great condition, the most common reason is that it simply makes sense financially. Taking the time to make sure that the small damages made to your house are fixed while they’re still small can do a lot to help you avoid more costly repairs down the line. At JH Custom Homes, Orange County’s Professional Home Remodeling Contractor, we suggest knocking those problems out as quickly as possible. Let say, for example, that you’ve recently noticed a small area of water damaged wood near your kitchen sink. If left to rot, what was originally a seemingly harmless spot of water damage, can easily start to eat away at the interior of your homes walls. In the end, you can save a ton of money by simply tending to each case of damage in your home as it occurs with JH Custom Homes, Orange County’s Professional Home Remodeling Contractor.

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Professionals Are Waiting To Perform Bathroom remodeling in OC

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great challenge, thus, incorrect contractor may harm your bathroom along with other associated rooms. Having a perfect professional contractor, will let you know right ideas that can help anybody in seeing a clear picture of a future bathroom along with the price which you can afford.

Bathroom remodeling in OC made possible, just because of so-professional contractors that are sought-after for their innovative designs and cost-effective solutions. You can invite them to your home, and after analyzing your bathroom, your dream bathroom requirements, bathroom accessories which you would install, design and other associated matters, they instantly provide you the estimated quote. However, later on you can compare them and go with the best one.

Professionals Are Waiting To Perform Bathroom remodeling in OC

Why Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling of a bathroom provides galore of benefits to the people. The prime benefit it provides is- it completely revamp your bathroom by placing great accessories and facilities and convert the old design into a well-designed area. Additionally, by renovating the same, one can get a complete new structure which will be very beautiful, durable and pleasurable to all, while using it.

Everyone knows about the role of playing by the bathroom and why we call it the most important room for both- commercial and residential. It plays a major role, especially at the time of selling up a property to another party. Thus, only renovation can help people in installing any type of accessories, décor it with the latest stuff and make it spacious in order to get a classy and beautiful room.

However the idea to go with the professional is logical, as they don’t only aid you to have better services, but help you in conversion your dull bathroom into a ravishing one. While hiring the best, you don‘t even need to worry about anything as they are well-trained to fulfill all your needs.

How To Go With The Best Design?

Well, experts will let you know everything what is new in the market and what you should opt and from where. But, if you still want your own imaginations, you can go ahead with the same. For this, you can visit to your relatives and friends and consult with them as well as if you visit to any hotel and other places you can also analyze the same. More importantly, the best idea is- just surf the net and check out great designs exist online which will provide you great ideas to select an ideal design for your bathroom.

Why Only Professionals?

Just because they are the one who can do every possible thing which you demanded to have. In addition, they use only quality materials for remodeling a room as well as provide you the best reference from where you can get world’s best accessories with quality and durability guaranteed at lower prices. With the combined efforts, finally an owner’s dream comes alive in the life.

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Orange County Affordable Contractors For Extraordinary Ambiance

In this hi-tech world, who doesn’t want to have the best home where one can get complete peace and great ambiance to relax and have pleasurable moments with the family? Definitely, all want the same and that is why in the market, need of architectural design and room remodeling services very popular in demand.

We all may have a home or rooms are of traditional/ old designs, which we now would like to revamp as per the latest trend. In that case, only remodeling contractors are the best to go just because they know their duty well and very reliable to hand over your home to revamp. Without hurting you and your property they are capable of providing you the complete look which you are looking for so long.

Talking about Orange County, here one can easily get Orange county affordable contractors, which provide assurance of quality, professional work along with the guarantee of providing the same look and feel you wanted to have.    

The interesting fact of hiring professional remodeling and modeling contractors is you’ll never regret later on whether in terms with pricing and work done by them. Thus, that is why it is always advised people to hire the professionals as others may destroy your property and unable to provide you the best design which you directed them to do.

Orange County Affordable Contractors For Extraordinary Ambiance

How To Hire Contractors?

Before hiring professionals, must list out the important questions you need to ask from them for analyzing them properly as well as by getting the right information based on the same you can take up sharp-witted steps. Comparison of services, prices, time duration, and other information you have accumulated is very necessary to pick up the best for your valuable house. For having the best, even you can call upon to wide range of known persons in order to get the references of the best company where we can generate good faith and confidence. As well as, in order to judge the capability of the contractors which you are about to hire, you can ask them to see their past and current working by visiting the site, so that you can know how they handle the property of others while working on the same along with other various things.

Ask About Experience And Creativity

Additionally, you may spend some time asking about complete credentials in which they are dealing. From their qualifications to their innovative skills everything you need to note down and compare, if they fit for the work you decided or not? Don’t forget to check their certificates, training, work permit, safety qualifications and everything else for complete satisfaction.

Services They Offered

Home contractors OC, handle each and every service related to your home. Whether you want several rooms modification, Bathroom remodeling,complete room addition, interior and exterior remodeling services, and many others. Just consult with the pro and have unlimited options for utilizing property in a better way.

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